Convotherm mini Combi Oven Steamer (MS610)

Model MS610 mini Combination Convection Oven / Steamer with simple-to-operate, programmable controls for Hot Air, Convection, Steam, and Combination cooking modes, “Cook & Hold” and overnight slow-cooking capabilities, “Crisp & Tasty” de-humidifier feature. Multiple cooking stage programs, stored recipe library, “Press & Go”, one-step recipe start buttons, boilerless. Capacity for three (3) – 12” x 20” by 2-1/2” steam table pans.
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  • Exclusive “Crisp & Tasty” de-humidifier feature
  • “Press & Go” one step, recipe start buttons
  • Requires minimum space
    • Fits anywhere saving expensive floor space.
  • Boilerless injection system for steam
  • Vented, double glass door with integrated door stop and self- draining drip tray
  • Tray Timer (time-delayed loading for each level)
  • Easy-to-understand menu icons with bright graphics display
  • Continuous self-diagnostic system with full text message display
  • Digital controls for temperature, time settings
  • Advanced programmable start time for recipes
  • Program up to 250 recipes with up to 20 steps each
  • CONVOTHERM Cookbook with pre-programmed recipes
  • Cook & Hold and Delta-T cooking
  • Stores all device settings and recipes in an additional memory module (ID module)
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel design
  • Reliable door switch for long service life
  • Heavy-duty skid resistant 4” adjustable legs with flanged feet
  • Oven light with shockproof glass cover
  • Antibacterial two stage rotary lever door lock
  • Two (2) speed auto reversing convection fan for even heat distribution
  • Expanded capacity with 5 racks
  • Cook different products at the same time with no flavor transfer
  • New recipes uploaded with simple USB connection
  • Hands-free, automatic oven compartment cleaning using approved Ecolab chemicals
Convotherm mini Combi Oven Steamer (MS610)
W x D x H " x " x "
cm x cm x cm
Weight 190 lb
86.2 kg
Power Output Amps
Certifications CUL
Open base stand with adjustable legs
Stackable stand for double stacked units

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